In the fast-paced world of personal injury litigation, staying on top of your clients’ liens, specifically their financial obligation to funding companies, is crucial. Covered Bridge Capital has answered the call with its state-of-the-art Attorney Portal, providing attorneys with a powerful tool to effortlessly manage and monitor their clients’ liens. Let’s explore three key features that make this portal a game-changer for personal injury lawyers and professionals.

**Receive Official Payoff Statements Instantaneously:**

Receiving payoff statements and understanding your client’s financial obligation in a timely fashion is extremely important when negotiating a settlement for your client, and Covered Bridge Capital understands the importance of providing payoff statements instantly. The Attorney Portal offers a user-friendly interface that allows attorneys to generate and print payoff statements at their convenience, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This eliminates the time-consuming task of requesting payoff statements and waiting for the funding company to fulfill your request.

**View All Your Client’s Advances in One Place:**

Managing multiple cases and advances can be challenging, but Covered Bridge Capital’s Attorney Portal simplifies the process. Attorneys and support staff can access a comprehensive overview of all their clients’ advances in one centralized location. This feature empowers attorneys to efficiently track and manage all their clients’ liens in one place, ensuring they have a complete and accurate picture of their clients’ funding history.

**Update the Status of Your Client’s Case:**

Gone are the days of cumbersome emails and endless phone calls to relay case updates to plaintiff funding companies. Covered Bridge Capital’s Attorney Portal allows attorneys and their staff to seamlessly update the status of their clients’ cases in real-time and at any time.

Benefits for Attorneys:

**Time Efficiency:**

The Attorney Portal eliminates the need for time-consuming administrative tasks, allowing attorneys to focus on the core aspects of litigating their clients’ claims. Real-time updates, download payoff statements instantly, and centralized advance tracking saves valuable time, promoting efficiency in your law practice.  Each attorney has their own personalized link they can access anytime. This personalized link eliminates the need to remember log in information and can be bookmarked in the attorneys’ web browser.

**Lien Clarity:**

Covered Bridge Capital’s portal provides attorneys with a clear view of their clients’ advances, making it easier to manage and communicate financial details with clients and other involved parties.

**Client Satisfaction:**

By leveraging the portal’s capabilities, attorneys can enhance client satisfaction. Transparent communication, quick updates, and easy access to lien information contribute to a quick and easy funding process for both the law firm and their clients.

Covered Bridge Capital’s Attorney Portal is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation in legal funding. By empowering attorneys with a tool that allows them to download payoff statements instantly, view all open, pending and closed advances, and a simple solution to update case statuses, the portal is reshaping the landscape of plaintiff funding.